We started in 2007 in the aviation industry. Now, leveraging on the blockchain technology, we’re probably the most advanced international marketing consultancy organisation in the world. All around the world, we have nodes (as we call our consultants) readily available to boost you business. We use cryptography to secure our communications against the most evil form of threat. We use local consultants to unveil new business opportunities to unleash the true potential of your company. Download our Whitepaper.

How it works.

Ubinodes offers international marketing services. If you want to export, it starts with a marketing plan, which is the foundation of any business plan. What makes us special, is our network of on the ground local consultants. They’ll offer you insider knowledge and their local business network to break down any entry barriers.

If you are a manufacturer looking to expand your growth hubs worldwide; this is an exciting time for you. However, time and time again, manufacturers find themselves hitting a brick wall and losing momentum when it comes to finding a suitable consulting firm. Read article.

Start exporting today.


Brazil’s economy is the largest of Latin America and the second largest in the Western Hemisphere, and it also holds the eighth largest economy by nominal GDP. With a GDP over 3 trillion USD, it also holds the largest population in South America with over 211 millions citizens. It is a member of several multinational trade organizations, such as Unasul, WTO, Mercosur, Brics and G-20.


There are some of us who know the value of Estonia and what this country has to offer especially to manufacturers there is a great deal hidden behind this mysterious or even secret country leaving a lot to explore. The reason is probably because this country is modest in terms of its achievements regaining independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Estonia become one of the most successful capitalistic Eastern-European countries.


Mexico has a well-established, robust, and complex trade economy. Ranked as the world’s 11th largest population at 126 million and the 11th largest economy at US$2.4 trillion, Mexico leverages its extensive network of trade agreements to be a valuable economic partner.


Nigeria has Africa’s largest population, oil production and export. With over 190 million citizens and nearly two thirds of its population under the age of 25, Nigeria is a very young country. A Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over USD 568 billion, and oil production over 2 million barrels per day. Sustained GDP growth over the past decade has developed a growing consumer class and attracted considerable investor interest.

South Africa

South Africa’s economy is the strongest in Africa and its GDP represents about 30% of the GDP of the entire continent. The country has an abundant supply of natural resources and well-developed financial, legal, communications, energy, and transport sectors.

Secrecy and security.

International business is about secrecy and security. We deal with confidential and sensitive information for years. Protecting data and communication against the most evil form of threat is second nature to us. We constantly watch the IT sector for the latest technology to encrypt data and communication. Whether you are a business or a news agency, you can benefit from our expertise in IT security by sponsoring one of our project.

90% of problems in an organization can be traced back to a communication problem, including interception or compromising of communication and information. That’s why it’s so important to constantly try to find the best communication tool for the team. Organisations need IT tools to share documents and communicate within the team. The specifications are always the same: end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge, multi-platform. Here are a few of them. You can find more projects here.


Resilio is a peer-to-peer encrypted sharing app. You can control the peers you are shring a folder with, you can encrypt folders to use on untrested servers, there is no limit to file and folder size. We will thoroughly review this app, from a security and usability perspective and publish an article.


Matrix is a secure communication protocol, offering end-to-end encryption, VoIP, Video, chat rooms, document sharing etc. We will use the Riot client during our tests. Because it’s complicated for people to understand what’s the difference between Riot and Matrix, we call our project “Riot review”, but Riot is the front end app that connects to the Matrix decentralized network.


Wire is a secure communication application, using end-to-end encryption, VoIP, Video chat etc. We will thoroughly review this app, from a security and usability perspective and publish an article.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

We are using, testing, implementing Blockchain based apps and cryptocurrency since 2015. You’ll find our publications on these subjects on our blogs. Here are a few of them:

Store of value.

This article explains why the Ubinodes token is one of the best store of value available today. Money and currency are two different things. They are differentiated by their functions and features.

Ubinodes Token

Ubinodes Token is the token used for transactions in our organization. It is used as a medium of exchange, a store of value and can be used for payments of goods and services on the Ubinodes platform.

Waves Plateform

Waves Platform is an open-source Blockchain platform, which allows its users to create their own cryptocurrencies and build applications. Built for investors and traders, Wavesplatform is a decentralized token platform.


You’ll find our publications on Security, Privacy, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency on our blogs: