We’re doing it since 2007, so we know all the tricks of the trade. Import-Export, custom clearance, marketing, web design, communication, social media. You name it, chances are we’ve been there and done that. So of course we’re also passing on this experience and knowledge in the form of training. In group or one-to-one. On site or remotely. Here are just a few samples.

Accounts on Tumblr.

This is a guide for: Setting up a Tumblr account, Sharing editing rights, Pros and cons of using Tumblr as a blogging platform.

GSM burner phone.

To set up Google/Facebook accounts or sometimes as recovery method, you are asked for a cell phone number. This is how to get a GSM number that isn’t linked to your identity.

Matrix encrypted chat server.

Matrix is an open standard communication protocol for decentralized real-time communication. It is executed as home servers which are distributed over the internet, due to this, there is no single point of control or failure.

Pseudo-anonymous Google account.

Nowadays, Google is always asking for a phone number. Remember that to them you are the product. To protect your private life and deceive Google’s algorithms, it is best to often change your Google account and not to link it to your phone number.

WordPress to Twitter.

Updated 11 March 2021. Copyright: European Union Public License, version 1.2 (EUPL-1.2). Introduction. Wordpress allows to publish your posts directly … More