Secrecy and security.

An organisation is as strong as its weakest link. Are you the weakest link?

We constantly watch the IT sector for the latest technology to encrypt data and communication. We publish reviews and articles on these subjects.

13 Password managers.

These days, everyone needs a password for everything. And we at Love4aviation are certainly no exception. We are a marketing and import/export company with a global network that is growing to 200 agents worldwide, and we often need to securely store and share sensitive passwords.

17 browsers tested.

We’ve tested 17 browsers and tried to find the best balance between privacy and security. It was also necessary that some plugins could be used.

Data Privacy, Germany vs Switzerland.

In terms of data security, of the countries in Europe, Germany and Switzerland are the standout choices. Here are the differences between the data security and the related issues in the two countries:

Email Security and Privacy.

As the available technology out there has increased, the right that we have to our own privacy while using technology, sadly, has diminished.

Encryptr App.

There are specific use cases where Encryptr is the best solution. We explain this in this article.

Facial Recognition and Threat to Privacy.

The uses of facial recognition software seem to be growing all of the time, with different companies adopting it. Understanding how facial recognition software works is essential to understanding what you can do about it.

Get Rid Of Your Email.

We explain why using conventional email platforms puts your business and personal information at risk from cyber attacks, and why you should switch to secure encryption messaging apps to protect your assets.

GPS Tracking and Security.

Your cell phone provider can access your GPS location at any time, even when you have turned off location services, putting your privacy at risk.

Privacy Upgrade.

A list of easy to use software to preserve your online privacy:

Reality of SIM Attacks.

We have collected a variety of stories that demonstrate the vulnerability of mobile users’ SIM cards. It is important to remember that your SIM contains the information of who you are calling, your personal information, and even your location.

Semaphor App.

The Semaphor app (by SpiderOak) allows users to confidentially message, chat, or file share through file encryption, ensuring that there can be no eavesdroppers on the transfer of information.

Seven 2FA Apps.

We’ve tested 7 two-factor authentication apps. We need something that can be used across the organization.

SID Messenger App.

SID is a messenger that allegedly uses End to End encryption. Our findings showed that all traffic between users went straight to Madrid where Sid servers are based rather than between countries where our consultants were testing from.

SIM, Backdoors and Security.

How-to protect your phone against attacks from state-sponsored criminals: in this article, what you need to know to protect yourself from SIM backdoors.

Threema App.

Threema is a great app and would’ve been one of the best encrypted messaging apps if it had a desktop app. The app is well designed, intuitive, easy to set up, install and use, it also comes in a free version.

Tutanota vs Protonmail.

These are two encrypted email providers. We’re using both of them. Here is our review:

Using Tutanota.

Out of 20+ email providers we’ve tested. Basically it quickly came down to Tutanota vs Protonmail. We use both of them…