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What is this?

This is a page to show all the articles we’ve published. Import-Export, custom clearance, marketing, web design, communication, social media, economy, finance, communication and data security, when doing international business for years you’ve covered all these. Then came blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Why do we need this?

Ubinodes is publishing articles since 2017 on a lot of different topics. Here you can find all our articles in an organised manner so that you can understand what we do and how we do it, and benefit from our experience. We explain the different types and categories of articles we write.

01- Types.

Our articles fall under three types: Reviews, Guides, Researches. These types are based upon the logic behind the way information is delivered.

1.1- Logic.

Scroll down information funnel. The information is broken down based on level of expertise. At the top of the article you have the generic information and the more you scroll down the deeper you get into technical details. The aim is to allow readers to get just the level of information they need without having to comb through thousands of words just to get that little piece of information they need.

1.2 – Article link.

The following link will take you to an article that will guide and explain the three types of articles we write, as well as other relevant formatting information.

02- Categories.

To allow readers to understand all the topics we cover, we have classified our publications under 5 categories:

  • Secrecy and Security.
  • Blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrency and Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Aviation.

Secrecy and security.

An organisation is as weak as its weakest link. Are you the weakest link?

International business is about secrecy and security. We deal with confidential and sensitive information for years. Protecting data and communication against the most evil form of threat is second nature to us. 90% of problems in an organization can be traced back to a communication problem, including interception or compromising of communication and information. Organizations need IT tools to share documents and communicate within the team. The specifications are always the same: end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge, multi-platform. That’s why it’s so important to constantly try to find the best communication tool for the team. We constantly watch the IT sector for the latest technology to encrypt data and communication.

Guide: Privacy Upgrade.

A list of easy to use software to preserve your online privacy:

Research: Data Privacy, Germany vs Switzerland.

In terms of data security, of the countries in Europe, Germany and Switzerland are the standout choices. Here are the differences between the data security and the related issues in the two countries:

Research: Email Security and Privacy.

As the available technology out there has increased, the right that we have to our own privacy while using technology, sadly, has diminished.

Research: Facial Recognition.

The uses of facial recognition software seem to be growing all of the time, with different companies adopting it. Understanding how facial recognition software works is essential to understanding what you can do about it.

Research: Get Rid Of Your Email.

We explain why using conventional email platforms puts your business and personal information at risk from cyber attacks, and why you should switch to secure encryption messaging apps to protect your assets.

Research: GPS Tracking.

Your cell phone provider can access your GPS location at any time, even when you have turned off location services, putting your privacy at risk.

Research: SIM Attacks.

We have collected a variety of stories that demonstrate the vulnerability of mobile users’ SIM cards. It is important to remember that your SIM contains the information of who you are calling, your personal information, and even your location.

Research: SIM, Backdoors and Security.

How-to protect your phone against attacks from state-sponsored criminals: in this article, what you need to know to protect yourself from SIM backdoors.

Resilio Sync.

This article provides an analysis of the software program known as Resilio.

Review: 13 Password managers.

These days, everyone needs a password for everything. And we at Love4aviation are certainly no exception. We are a marketing and import/export company with a global network that is growing to 200 agents worldwide, and we often need to securely store and share sensitive passwords.

Review: Encryptr App.

There are specific use cases where Encryptr is the best solution. We explain this in this article.

Review: Myki password manager.

Myki is an authenticator and password manager that comes in a mobile app. It goes a step further by storing the secrets on your phone.

Review: Privacy in 17 web browsers.

We’ve tested 17 browsers and tried to find the best balance between privacy and security. It was also necessary that some plugins could be used.

Review: Semaphor App.

The Semaphor app (by SpiderOak) allows users to confidentially message, chat, or file share through file encryption, ensuring that there can be no eavesdroppers on the transfer of information.

Review: Seven 2FA Apps.

We’ve tested 7 two-factor authentication apps. We need something that can be used across the organization.

Review: SID Messenger App.

SID is a messenger that allegedly uses End to End encryption. Our findings showed that all traffic between users went straight to Madrid where Sid servers are based rather than between countries where our consultants were testing from.

Review: Threema App.

Threema is a great app and would’ve been one of the best encrypted messaging apps if it had a desktop app. The app is well designed, intuitive, easy to set up, install and use, it also comes in a free version.

Review: Tutanota vs Protonmail.

These are two encrypted email providers. We’re using both of them. Here is our review:

Review: Using Tutanota.

Out of 20+ email providers we’ve tested. Basically it quickly came down to Tutanota vs Protonmail. We use both of them…


We are using, testing, implementing Blockchain based apps for years. We are constantly watching the market for new technologies and we reviews them through Sponsored Projects.

Guide: WordPress plugin to Steemit.

As we’re using Steemit as our blogging platform, we investigated the Wordpress plugin to post on Steemit.

Review: Steemit for business.

We’re using Steemit as our blogging platform. We give our feedback, what we see as pros and cons etc.

Cryptocurrency and Finance.

We are researching and using Cryptocurrencies for years. We even have our own cryptocurrency.

Research: Waves Exchange.

Waves Platform is an open-source Blockchain platform, which allows its users to create their own cryptocurrencies and build applications. Built for investors and traders, Wavesplatform is a decentralized token platform.

Research: Weaponizing of the US$.

This is a “Research” article on the Weaponization of the USD and Extra-Jurisdiction. Ubinodes being an international marketing agency, we need to help our clients understand when exporting and Importing products so they can be informed about the United States and their actions with the USD.

Review: CEX exchange. is an online currency exchanger where you can purchase the cryptocurrency on offer (Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold etc.) for fiat money like US dollars “$”, Pounds “£”, Euros “€” and Russian Rubble “₽” all with your debit card in a secure environment.


We are an international marketing company. We open new markets for our clients. Each project is different. Each time, we need to figure out how best to reach consumers. As a result, we constantly investigate and use ourselves (Love4aviation and Ubinodes) all the means available. Social media, newsletters, blogs, websites, social apps etc. You name it, chances are we used it at one point.

Guide: Account on Tumblr.

This is a guide for: Setting up a Tumblr account, Sharing editing rights, Pros and cons of using Tumblr as a blogging platform.

Guide: Matrix encrypted chat server.

Matrix is an open standard communication protocol for decentralized real-time communication. It is executed as home servers which are distributed over the internet, due to this, there is no single point of control or failure.

Guide: Pseudo-anonymous Google account.

Nowadays, Google is always asking for a phone number. Remember that to them you are the product. To protect your private life and deceive Google’s algorithms, it is best to often change your Google account and not to link it to your phone number.

Guide: social media for business.

As the world moves further in the information era, social media has rapidly become an important time investment in the business world. This article will explain the reasoning and methods of setting up secure social media accounts for business purposes.

Guide: WordPress to Twitter.

Wordpress allows to publish your posts directly on some Social Media platforms after you have connected your website to your social media account. Sounds great and simple enough? Wrong.

Guide: WordPress.

Ubinodes being an international marketing agency, we need to help our clients quickly and easily have a local internet presence in their target locations. This article helps us be on the same page when we start coaching them on efficiently using WordPress.

Review: Tumblr blog.

Love4aviation used Tumblr for a while, in parallel with other blogging platforms, and in January decided to stop using Tumblr altogether and move to Steemit instead. Here is why.

Review: WordPress, Tumblr, Steemit, Medium.

With the countless number of blogging platforms on the internet today, it is no surprise business owners find themselves in a dilemma as to which blogging platform to use to promote, engage and reach out to their ever expanding audience.


Ubinodes being a spinoff of Love4aviation, we are still involved in the aviation field. Market research, news articles, distribution, advertising, we cover all aspects of the trade.

Research: ATC’s future in America.

If you ask a dozen pilots in America about what direction ATC reform should take, you will probably get one answer: not privatized!

Research: Diamond Aircraft ownership shifts from Europe to Asia.

In a move that will shake up the rank and file of general aviation, Diamond Aircraft, manufacturor of the Diamond DM-40, has been acquired by China’s enormous Wanfeng Aviation. This comes just a year after the holdings giant bought up 60% share of Diamond Canada.