Sponsored Projects.

We call these projects “Sponsored Projects” because anyone can contribute financially to these projects: individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations etc. These are in-depth researches about applications, operating systems, hardware devices or any other kind of business related subjects. All work is done from a business standpoint, our articles are for business people.

If we test an application, operating system, hardware device:

  • Does it add value to your organisation?
  • Does it increase reach to your audience?
  • Is it friction-less for users to adopt?
  • Etc.

We also do Sponsored Projects on: Marketing, Scientific meta-researches, Blockchain, Finance, Regulation, Security, Communication, Etc.

Offering these as Sponsored Projects allows for the financing of complex, highly technical, in-depth works.


All results are published as articles on our website(s) under the Copyright European Union Public License, version 1.2 (EUPL-1.2).

In short, the work can be re-used and reproduced by any party for any purpose, as long as they themselves work under that license.


  • 3 months head start for contributors.

Once completed, the article is shared with all sponsors, and it won’t be published on our own websites until 3 months later. It means that sponsors have an edge over the rest of the crowd.

Sponsors are also free to use the findings for their own benefits, including on their own websites or print publications, as long as they comply with the terms of the Public License.


On Open Collective, you can see exactly who’s making a contribution, how much has been donated toward the project, how the money is spent.

Contributors can communicate directly with the team at any time through secure communication applications.

Team is regularly and publicly broadcasting news on the project.

Price, payment.

  • 60€ GST/VAT included.
  • One-off, non-recurring payment = Risk Free, no commitment.
  • Payment: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Crypto-Currency. For Credit Card -> Payments are secured by Stripe, a recognized leader in payment processing. Your banking details are sent directly to Stripe. Ubinodes does not see nor store them.


  • Private individual: 20% Estonian GST/VAT included in the price.
  • Estonian Businesses: 20% Estonian GST/VAT included in the price, you shall provide us with your GST/VAT number.
  • European Businesses: No GST/VAT charged.
  • Outside Europe Businesses: No GST/VAT charged.


Problem: With such a low price and one-off payments from contributors, the only way to raise the money necessary to complete such complex and technical projects is through a snowball effect.

Postulate: On average, for application reviews, we need a 6 degree snowball effect based on a 1-to-2 conversion rate. Meaning each contributor has to find two new contributors.

Keyword: Proactively.

Contributors and their contacts have to proactively push the project.

Key numbers: 2, 5, 6.

  • 2 is the number of new contributors each contributor has to find.
  • 5 is the number of times each contributor will have to remind its contacts about the project (press the button).
  • 6 is the number of links in this chain, necessary to fund a project.

Principle: Compounding payments.

  • Wave 1: Initial contributors are proactively seeking in their contacts and networks other people to join in, they must find at least 2 new contributors, averaged across all their contacts. This seems an easy target to achieve. Note that you need to press the button five times before people take action. 5 is therefore the number of times each contributor will have to remind their contacts about contributing to the project.
  • Wave 2: Then, their contacts are also encouraged to actively talk about the project. From each initial contributor, two new contributors must come out, averaged across this second wave and all of their contacts. It doesn’t matter if it’s the actual second degree contributors who found new contributors or if anyone from their contacts got interested. For the maths to work, these numbers are averaged across all contacts of contacts.
  • Wave 3: From the network of contacts issued from the second wave, two new contributors must come out.

And so on until the project is funded, which is totally transparent as each contribution is visible on Open Collective.

You can push any project you like using this method and your own contacts.

Open Collective.

To make it easier for you to have a quick overview of all the projects available and to contribute financially in fiat currency, we are using the Open Collective platform.

Protocols and features.

Features for Communication apps.

In order to benchmark communication applications, not overlook some features and have consistency across our articles, we designed a list of features to review.

Features for websites and blogs.

In order to benchmark websites and blogs, not overlook some features and have consistency across our articles, we designed a list of features to review.

Protocol for App reviews.

We designed a protocol for testing applications so as to be transparent and credible for our sponsors and readers and have consistency across our reviews.