Matrix is a secure communication protocol, offering end-to-end encryption, VoIP, Video, chat rooms, document sharing etc. We will use the Riot client during our tests. Because it’s complicated for people to understand what’s the difference between Riot and Matrix, we call our project “Riot review”, but Riot is the front end app that connects to the Matrix decentralized network. We will thoroughly review this app, from a security and usability perspective and publish an article.

To ensure an unbiased and thorough review all apps are tested:

• In real time, i.e. we use it on real projects.

• Among different team members located in different countries.

• With different devices and operating systems.

• For a minimum of two weeks, four on average.

• The article is peer-reviewed by other team members then sent to the app developers for final review.

If you are a business or news agency we can make an invoice for you as IT consulting service.

You can pay:

  • By bank transfer. Contact us for details.
  • In cryptocurrency. Contact us for details.