Review: Tumblr blog.

Updated 20 January 2018.

Copyright: European Union Public License, version 1.2 (EUPL-1.2).

In order to reach its audience a business has to investigate which blogging platform is best suited. Love4aviation used Tumblr for a while, in parallel with other blogging platforms, and in January 2018 we decided to stop using Tumblr altogether and move to Steemit instead. Here is why.


We at Love4aviation after so much consideration and deliberation have decided to discontinue posting on our Tumblr blog. Let’s quickly take a review of the features and benefits of Tumblr some of which are;

1.     Tumblr is a micro blogging site and a social networking site that allows users to post multimedia and various contents to a short form blog.

2.     Users can access the website features via the dashboard interface.

3.     The dashboard has a live feed of recent posts from other blogs that the user follows.

4.     Through the dashboard users are able to comment, like posts that appear on their dashboard and reblog (reposting a blog on your dashboard).

5.     With the dashboard, users can upload texts posts, videos, images, link to a blog and quotes.

6.     Connectivity to other social media accounts is possible; Facebook and Twitter, whenever there’s a post, it will be sent as a status update on Facebook and as a Tweet on Twitter.

7.     Users can follow other user’s blogs.

8.     Bloggers can make their blogs private i.e. only users who have the blogs password can be allowed access.

9.     Posts can be scheduled to a particular time or can be delayed; it can also be spread over several hours or days.

10.   There are tags to allow users help their audience find posts about certain topics by simply adding tags.

11.    For the tech savvy people who want more flexibility, Tumblr allows users to edit their blog’s theme; the HTML codes that control the appearance of the blog, users can also use a custom name for their blog.

12.   Tumblr is compatible with multiple platforms, iOS, Android and Windows.

The Cons of Tumblr are;

a.     Design limitations: Tumblr’s designs are limited, though Tumblr offers design customization for its themes, Tumblr isn’t for individual’s brands and businesses that have strict brand guidelines or a particular design team.

b.     Functionality limitations: As mentioned earlier, Tumblr is well-known for its simplicity. Tumblr isn’t your best option if you’re looking for plugins and widgets.

c.      Users must adapt to its format: Tumblr has a precise formula that works best on the platform; light on the copy, more on the imagery and shareable stuff.

d.     Server dependent: You’re mandated by Tumblr server to host your blog, with no option to host using your own website’s preferred hosting software. This can be a security concern as well as a technological one. If Tumblr’s server goes down or there’s a downtime, so does your blog.

e.     To read an article on Tumblr, the user has to create a Tumblr account without which the article cannot be read.      

Though Tumblr has a lot of great features that is great for blogging for business as seen above; our primary aim of using the platform is to share information to the general public.

Tumblr is a privately owned company which means any of our articles can be taken down at any time or our blog closed for whatever reason they deem fit. The major drawback is that to read any of our articles, you must register and create an account before you can have access to our articles, which defeats the purpose of ease of access to our users anywhere and at all times.

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