BP: Retroshare.

Retroshare could very well provide an all-in-one app where an organisation could even have its documents available in the form of forums as well as all the contacts available. The main drawback is that it’s not multi-platform.

We’re going to try Retroshare to see if it can be used for an organization. As per our culture we’ll share our knowledge and experience in public articles and we’ll also do manuals to help users get up and running quickly should they need to use the app. The article will be a « Pros and Cons » where we present Retroshare from the point of view of a business searching for an application to securely communicate and share files.

Retroshare doesn’t need Tor or i2p to work, so to keep it simple for people who are not that comfortable with IT, we’ll write the first manual as a step by step guide on how to install and set up Retroshare for an organization, and another manual for those who want to implement Tor and i2P.

To ensure an unbiased and thorough review all apps are tested:

• In real time, i.e. we use it on real projects.

• Among different team members located in different countries.

• With different devices and operating systems.

• For a minimum of two weeks, four on average.

• The article is peer-reviewed by other team members then sent to the app developers for final review.

If you are a business or news agency we can make an invoice for you as IT consulting service.

You can pay:

  • By bank transfer. Contact us for details.
  • In cryptocurrency. Contact us for details.

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