Review: Privacy Upgrade.

A list of easy to use software to preserve your online privacy:

Updated 07 january 2021.

Disclaimer : we are not affiliated to any of these Companies, this article is 100 % our own findings and there is no affiliate marketing in place through the links provided below for your convenience.

How we write our reviews: To ensure an unbiased and thorough review all apps are tested:
• In real time, i.e. we use it on real projects.
• By different team members located in different countries.
• With different devices and operating systems.
• For a minimum of two weeks, four on average.
• Article is peer reviewed by other team members then sent to the app’s publisher for final review.

Hard Drives: Self Encrypting SSD Samsung 850 Evo Pro. Why: To enable Bitlocker instantly, otherwise it takes about 3 days per Tb to encrypt a new drive. Beware that a SED disk must be TCG Opal compliant otherwise it won’t work with Bitlocker and even then you need a specific software. Only the 850 Pro with Samsung Magician in e-drive mode will allow you to activate Bitlocker straight out of the box.

OS for beginners: Windows 10 Pro. Why: Anyone can upgrade in 3 clicks, has Bitlocker ready to be activated for each drives and thumb drives. No need to activate it to use Bitlocker, you’ll just have an annoying overlay at the bottom right of your screen.

OS for advanced users: Kodachi (Linux). Why: Best OS for privacy, and free. Based on Linux Ubuntu. Can encrypt the entire hard drive during installation.

Windows Antispy: WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard). Why: Auto update, free, easy to use, IP based firewall rules, App uninstaller, no need to install it on your computer.

Firewall: Glasswire (paid version). Why: “Ask to Block” functionality gives you absolute one-click control over your traffic. Note: uses Windows firewall so paid version isn’t compatible with antiviruses having their own firewalls like Bitdefender.

Email: Tutanota (freemium) Why: Read our article: Tutanota vs Protonmail. Alternatively: Protonmail.

VPN: ExpressVPN. Why: Fast and runs from RAM memory so doesn’t keep logs. Can also be used with DDWRT routers so that your entire home’s traffic is protected.

Primary Browser: Firefox, Waterfox, Opera GX. Why: You can enable DNS-over-HTTPS.

Password manager: Zoho Vault (freemium). Why: Read our article: 13 password managers.

Messaging, Voice and video calls: Threema (freemium). Why: open source end-to-end, zero knowledge encryption, resistant to state-sponsored criminals, based in Switzerland (Wire and Wickr are great but now based in the US). Read our article: Threema pros and cons.

SMS: Don’t. If you have no choice, use Silence on Android (free). Why: encryption over GSM network.

File sharing through links (think dropbox): (free). Why: end-to-end, zero knowledge encryption. Granular control with the paid version.

File Synchronization between devices: Resilio Home (freemium). Why: supports encrypted read-write folders for untrusted devices, so you can synchronize with your home server or off-site servers, your data are all encrypted.

Disk Cleaning: Bleachit. Why: works on Windows and Linux. Alternatively: Privazer (free), but for Windows only. Why: One click to clean your entire system in depth.

Anonymous Browser: TOR (free). Why: should be your primary browser.

Anonymous Chat App: Briar (Android only). Why: Everything goes through the TOR network. Can host a forum and a Blog.

Useful Links:

CIA tools released by Wikileaks:

NSA tools released by Shadowbroker:

Scanning Service against NSA’s Doublepulsar malware:

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