Our story.


Ubinodes began as Love4aviation which was incorporated in New Zealand in 2007. L4A, as it’s fondly called, provided international marketing services including import and export of aircraft parts, supplies, and everything associated with the aviation industry. With more than a century worth of experience from team members and a deep-rooted love for aviation, we were able to create a brand based on exceptional service.

Initially, our services were limited to New Zealand and Australia, but we quickly expanded to the rest of the world through the internet and our global network of agents. We were able to expand the business to all corners of the world, working with companies in the US, UK, Germany, and France. In 2016, we incorporated the organization in Estonia, with the aim of being well positioned to serve the European market as well as to better handle taxes from within Europe.

In the process we discovered that our passion exceeded the aviation industry.In 2017, we discovered that our passion exceeded the aviation industry. Beyond aviation, we had passion for marketing and international trade. Consulting is not limited to the aviation industry alone but rather plays an important role in every industry worldwide, and has a huge impact on all aspects of an organization.

As Love4Aviation, we began to focus on the services we weren’t offering our clients. We discovered that companies needed marketing and international trade services, so we decided to take up the challenge and tackle the need head on. This sector rotation required a new strategy, a new structure and a new name, so Love4aviation morphed into Ubinodes.


We started Love4Aviation from the passion we had for aviation. We fully rebranded from Love4Aviation to Ubinodes in 2018. A lot of resources went into researching the IT tools needed for our network to be secure and efficient. As a result, we produced a significant amount of research regarding IT and data security, which we made publicly available through our publications.

Love4Aviation is now a brand managed independently, but with Ubinodes we continue our commitment to aviation while delving into new industries to benefit our customers. Our drive for using the best technology has not reduced the passion for aviation. Quite the opposite, In fact, technology has had an enormous influence on these industries, just as it comes with massive advantages, so are the dangers numerous. Our aim is to help our customers understand the influence of technology on their business in both positive and negative ways. When we were still known as Love4Aviation, we were limited to aviation, Ubinodes has given us the freedom to be more than that.


Now that Ubinodes has been born, our commitment remains the same, we want to give our customers the confidence that they have the most dedicated team on their side. Because of this, we’ve created Ubinodes token, our own crypto token to address transaction problems that kept on arising due to differences in financial regulations. With the security issues that’s associated with digital marketing, knowing Ubinodes is secure helps our customers with the assurance that state-sponsored criminals cannot infringe on the security of their transactions. 

Not only is cryptocurrency international, but with Ubinodes token, it is more reliable than other forms of payment. Beyond the creation of Ubinodes token, we are expanding our team on a global level, hiring international marketing consultants to meet the needs of our clients. The international marketing consultants assist our clients in expanding their frontiers in the best way possible. 

Utilizing local consultants from around the world leads to a broader understanding of different customer psychographics, allowing them to know the marketing potential of new regions. Our team of dedicated consultants will maintain the same level of excellence that we have always given our customers. The goal of Ubinodes remain unchanged: we focus on providing excellent customer service.  

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