Updated 19 June 2021.

What is this?

This is an article for candidates. It explains why you should join our team, what it takes, your impact and what’s in it for you.

Why do we need this?

To make sure we start on the right foot, we must give an accurate and in-depth description of what type of work a candidate will get and what is the recruitment process.


  • Nodes: This is what we call our international marketing consultants as we are a decentralized and distributed organization.
  • Nodes are freelancers, not employees. They can be part of Ubinodes as a second job. They work under a formal contract with Ubinodes OÜ, incorporated in Estonia.
  • Nodes are paid based on hourly fees, never on commission. They are paid using our own cryptocurrency, this is fundamental to the decentralization and censorship-resistance of the organisation. On the Waves decentralised exchange, UBI token can be exchanged against several other currencies such as Euro, USD, Bitcoin, etc.

Contents of this article.

  • 01. Background.
  • 02. What’s your role?
  • 03. What skills do you need?
  • 04. Why should you apply?
  • 05. Your impact.
  • 06. Benefits.
  • 07. Internship.
  • 08. Skillset.
  • 09. Methodology.
  • 10. Apply.

01. Background.

At Ubinodes, we manufacture success, our product is creating access to market. Through our decentralized network of consultants, we help manufacturers enter new markets around the world.

What do you really care about? Is it job satisfaction, or contributing your share meaningfully to humanity? Working in a stimulating and flexible environment? Ubinodes is the home of consultants who use technology and technical expertise to provide manufacturers with services and solutions for achieving growth-focused goals. For us to fully satisfy and provide all the services required by our clients, WE NEED YOU!

We provide services to clients in a wide array of fields like finance, economics, politics, consulting, freight forwarding, customs clearance, regulations, technology, packaging, advertising, storage, identifying points of sale, finding agents etc. We render these services, and more, to our clients worldwide. Yes, you heard right, worldwide. This means that we need Nodes (as our independent consultants are called) in each continent and in each country. We need you to be the first node to attend to clients in your region/country.

02. What’s your role ?

To provide consultancy services to manufacturers in your region, grow our community and support the adoption of our token for the transaction of goods and services in your country. You will be working with a team of other nodes either assembled by you or with the help of a senior node from the community to provide whatever services that may be required by the client.

03. What skills do you need ?

First and foremost, you need to understand, speak and write your country of residence language(s) for easy communication with clients and English to communicate with other nodes internationally in the community and clients worldwide. Knowledge of how to use IT tools is also required as these are used in the day-to-day activities of our organization. Lastly, you will need your business expertise to generate partnerships and opportunities with organizations and to create awareness of our brand worldwide.

04. Why should you apply ?

If you wish to work in a fast-paced IT environment where you will have a supportive team and significant responsibility to work with local and international clients on their path to success — we want to hear from you! People of all genders, race, color, people with disabilities, or any under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. If you feel you have some of these attributes but not all, you’re welcome to apply.

05. Your impact.

Lead commercial community development —  you will be responsible for onboarding new consultants, creating partnerships, and managing the portfolio of clients. All both locally and internationally.

Grow and curate the local Ubinodes member community —  grow our member community; generate leads, test software, write articles on IT tools and other things beneficial to the community, manage applications and make sure potential members are a good fit for our community.

Engage the outside world —  represent our brand to the outside world to raise awareness and engage the clients internationally; startups, SME’s, investors, industries, government, and others.

Evaluate and manage partnerships — identify and engage the appropriate partners to generate maximum value for our members and community.

Tell our story —  if you have the skills, you’ll work selling our brand and adoption of our token; coordinate local social media marketing and campaigns, press relations, blogging, managing social media platforms etc.

06. Benefits.

  • Key role in building a worldwide decentralized business consultancy network.
  • You will be a part of an established global brand with a mission to support international business consultancy.
  • Amazing and supportive nodes (coworkers) locally and internationally.
  • Learning new skills and IT tools that would be useful for you in your day-to-day life.
  • Excellent network, learning, and growth opportunities.

Ubinodes is at its core a decentralized system. This means you will have no manager, no set schedule, and no one watching over your shoulder telling you what to do. While the prospect of this lack of structure is very freeing, it also means you will have to be extra self-motivated in your own work, which will directly impact your income. Many people finish onboarding with the expectation of being given tasks like a normal employee, but this is not Ubinodes, and while anyone can provide value to Ubinodes, this system isn’t ideal for everyone. 

However, to someone who is ready to put in the effort, the system can be very rewarding, as with the more clients you help to obtain, the higher your income goes. Luckily, this is not a solo mission. We have nodes across the globe looking for potential clientele, and with more help, finding clients won’t be as tall a task as it seems. With more nodes, income becomes multiplicative as multiple people can be looking for clients and working at the same time. Just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

07. Internship.

The goals of Ubinodes’ mentorships are:

1- To allow candidates to apply theoretical knowledge gained in school in real life projects.

2- To allow candidates to mature into a real world business environment, understand the codes, understand the constraints of conducting business when money is involved, as well as due dates, teammates and clients expectations, etcz

3- To allow candidates to gain confidence by accomplishing tasks that they will share publicly, like writing website articles.

4- To allow candidates to develop leadership by supervising real projects with real clients, like supervising reviews or project managing marketing campaigns.

5- To allow candidates to acquire new skills, not taught at school, but indispensable in today’s business environment, in order to protect confidential information and organization’s data. These skills are:

  • Technical skills, like using pieces of hardware and software.
  • Organisational skills, like learning data segregation and managing communication events.
  • Presentation skills, like publicly publishing articles, presenting seminars, and running marketing campaigns.

6- To teach candidates new knowledge, out of the scope of a school curriculum, but considered common knowledge in a business environment (i.e financial regulations).

7- To turn candidates into fully autonomous consultants, meaning they must develop leadership skills. With students, we must first erase their prior indoctrination, so that they allow themselves to be leaders. We want to remove the “student mindset” of always waiting for instructions from someone else. Ubinodes is decentralized, meaning there will be nobody to do this, and we want creativity to flow freely no matter how new to the organization you are.

7.1- Global Experience.

Ubinodes OÜ, an international marketing company incorporated in Estonia, is offering internships to students in collaboration with Global Experience, a US based organisation. Global Experience is sending us students from all countries, backgrounds, and cultures. We have adjusted our older onboarding process to cater for students, since this process was initially designed to onboard people with existing work experience.

For the sake of simplification, we use the term “candidate” for everyone including students. Even if theu are under the partnership with Global Experiences, students are not expected to become consultants with Ubinodes once their internship is completed.

7.2- Candidates.

We are now using this internship program to onboard anyone, including senior consultants wishing to join us, as experience showed us the right profile for becoming a Ubinodes consultant (node) has little to do with diplomas or prior experiences. Designing an internship program allowed us to set the bar higher in terms of upskilling candidates and instilling Ubinodes’ culture.

The internship process is broken down into “stages” and each stage includes several tasks to be carried out by the student/candidate, under the guidance of a mentor.

The time it takes for a candidate to complete the entire internship process is entirely up to him/her. The faster tasks are successfully completed, the quicker the candidate will move along the internship stages.

We do not cut corners. Each stage requires the skills of the previous stage to be absolutely mastered.

7.3- Feedback.

Candidates are asked to always provide feedback on all tasks, in an iterative process, so that we can adjust the internship.

7.4- Stages.

There are currently five stages.

Stage 01: Formality.

Ubinodes is about Security and privacy for our clients. So you’re going to start with signing a binding Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Then we’ll ask you to install a secure communication application in order to start the hard core onboarding process set out below.

Stage 02: Security.

  • This stage is all about upgrading to Ubinodes’ standards in terms of security and privacy of data and communication. New candidates can’t do any work until they are able to use Ubinodes’ applications and processes. This mostly involves you getting acclimated to Ubinodes’s standards and procedures in terms of security and privacy. Getting to know Ubinodes go-to software is the key, until then not much work can be done. Candidate should also try to understand Ubinodes’s stance on confidentiality and how it affects others in the company.
  • When new candidates come aboard at Ubinodes, there are some key details from the disclosure agreement to be aware of.
    • Candidates should understand Ubinodes’ position on confidentiality and how it affects the daily work of individuals within the company.
    • Intellectual property is an important variable that new candidates will encounter while working with other nodes.
    • Understanding that security is one of Ubinodes biggest priorities and that you are responsible for securing the devices that you will be working on.

Stage 03: Producing.

Candidate is now working on productive tasks so as to be prepared for billable tasks. The goal is to sharpen up skills and prepare for presentations and other future projects, like writing articles, doing marketing campaigns, etc.

  • Doing researches and publishing articles.
  • Doing marketing campaigns.
  • Writing internal manuals.
  • Doing public presentations.

Stage 04: Coaching.

By coaching new people, the candidate is developing its presentation and social skills, which are fundamental in business, even more so for international marketing.

  • Either new candidates who are at earlier stages,
  • or clients,
  • or doing presentations online or on-site.

Stage 05: Supervising.

Candidate is now supervising complex projects so as to be prepared to project manage international marketing tasks.

7.5- Tasks.

In order to put the task into context, each task is contextualized by a series of questions:

  • What is this?
  • Why do we need this?

What is this: Here, the student/candidate will get an explanation of the topic about a particular task.

Why do we need this: Here the student/candidate will get an explanation as to why we are asking him/her to complete this task.

These “contextualizing” questions are then followed by guidelines about deadline, feedback, security, sources, and any relevant information the candidate may need in order to be quickly up and running on a particular task. 

7.6- Logic.

The tasks given to candidates during the internship process are based on a progression toward maturity. Junior – Senior – Coach – Supervisor. Initially candidates work “IN” the business, with a mentor but also with other nodes. The candidate will learn on the trade about all tasks an international marketing consultant should be able to master. The candidate will also work “ON” the business, meaning doing tasks aiming at improving the organization from within, such as writing internal manuals or doing sysadmin tasks. Once the candidate has gained enough understanding of the organization, (s)he will start coaching new candidates and supervising projects.

7.7- Deadline.

For every stage or task of the onboarding process, deadlines will be set.

The reason for setting a deadline to the onboarding process is because we’re onboarding new candidates all the time and sometimes they can go MIA (Missing In Action), meaning they go silent without notice. We have no way to know what happened on their end. Understand that we’re onboarding people from all over the world and from all backgrounds, they can have difficulties with internet or electrical power access, or face political or economic difficulties. So we have to set a limit after which they’ll be removed from the process. We don’t want to appear closed-minded here, so if you keep giving signs of life and communicating with us, then the onboarding process can carry on after the deadline as we understand people can get overloaded sometimes. Giving a sign of life can be as simple as sending a ping from the communication app. But we recommend you do your best to complete the entire process on time, it’s fun and interesting. If at any stage you want to quit please let us know instead of going silent.

8- Skillset.

Based on Global Experience’s requirements, here are all the areas where we will upskill students:

1- Critical Thinking & Problem Solving.

  • Articulate the problem and identify the desired end result.
  • Formulate questions and problems, share them clearly and precisely, and communicate effectively with others in figuring out solutions.
  • Think with an open-mind; brainstorm creative options, analyze, and select the best option to achieve the desired results.
  • Develop and enact a plan of action to achieve the desired end result.

2- Oral & Written Communication.

  • Use grammar, and / or vocabulary appropriate to the context.
  • Ensure messages are organized, clear, and consistent with any supporting material.
  • Tailor the message and delivery method to the topic, audience, purpose, and context.
  • Engage diverse and competing perspectives and the ways they influence communication.

3- Teamwork & Collaboration.

  • Integrate team members’ diverse viewpoints and build upon or synthesize the contributions of others.
  • Motivate and support others on the team.
  • Offer ideas, suggestions, alternative solutions, and feedback.
  • Account for their own assigned role and responsibilities on the team.
  • Negotiate, manage, and resolve conflicts when they arise.

4- Digital Technology.

  • Leverage existing digital technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems.
  • Use technologies to complete tasks and accomplish goals.
  • Create and share content using general and field-specific technologies.
  • Demonstrate effective adaptability to new and emerging technologies.

5- Leadership.

  • Assess individual and collective strengths, weaknesses and capacities to achieve the desired goal.
  • Use interpersonal skills to motivate others.
  • Organize, prioritize and delegate work, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Review outcomes and assess implications for future plans.

6- Professionalism & Work Ethic.

  • Take responsibility for their actions and outcomes.
  • Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
  • Follow through on commitments.
  • Act with the interest of the larger community in mind.

7- Career Management.

  • Identify and articulate their skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the position desired and career goals.
  • Identify areas necessary for professional growth.
  • Demonstrate self-advocacy and take the steps necessary to pursue opportunities.

8- Global & Intercultural Fluency.

  • Identify their own cultural norms and values; articulate how one’s experiences shape these, and how culture shapes personal experiences.
  • Recognize diverse viewpoints that emerge from cultural differences and how these factors influence their relationships with others.
  • Engage with people and ideas from other cultures with courage, sensitivity, openness and curiosity.

9- Methodology.

Keywords: Security & Resilience.

1- One of the points of differentiation between Ubinodes and any other marketing agency is our ability to defeat the most evil form of threat, such as corruption of the judicial system.

2- An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. As nodes are teaching clients how to secure their communications and data, it is inconceivable that a node could be the weakest link.

3- There are thousands of marketing agencies out there. Not a single one of them is up to Ubinodes’ standards. Therefore, getting candidates to our standards is fundamental prior to giving them any paid work or client facing (front-end) position.

4- Out of experience, we consider that candidates don’t:

  • Know how to secure their computers, mobile devices, communications.
  • Have the self-discipline to avoid falling back into unsecured methods.

9.1- Skillset.

1- Mentor is guiding candidates into acquiring new working habits, where security comes first and convenience second.

2- Candidates are working within a team with other Nodes from all over the world. Candidates are learning to work as a team with time differences using secure productivity tools.

9.2- Tasks.

1- Installations of productivity applications following Ubinodes’ guidelines. It’s about getting candidate to set up a working environment according to Ubinodes’ standards. For example:

  • Install password managers (i.e Nordpass, Bitwarden).
  • Install secure communication and synchronisation applications (i.e Wickr, Wire, Session, Resilio).
  • Create accounts with secure email providers (i.e Protonmail, Tutanota).
  • Create accounts with productivity online platforms (i.e CryptPad).
  • Encrypt Hard Drives (i.e Bitlocker).
  • Create cryptocurrency wallet for UBI token.
  • As information technology evolves, we evolve with it.

2- Candidates are updating existing articles or writing new ones. Articles are published on our website(s).

3- Candidates are updating internal manuals or writing new ones.

09.1- Drafting.

Keywords: Inspiration & Leveraging.

Firstly: With Ubinodes being decentralized (assets, team) and distributed (power, responsibilities, duties), it is fundamental that nodes share a common working standard. We have our internal manuals, but there is a non-negotiable level of proficiency to be acquired in terms of using IT tools, adhering to publishing standards, meeting deadlines, complying with security procedures, adopting communication mantra and so on. Ubinodes cannot work optimally if all consultants are not, at all times, on the same page, pursuing the same goal, sharing the same vision, and adhering to the same standards (which are developed internally in a constant iterative process).

Secondly: A consultant is charging an hourly fee for their work, never working on commission. Therefore, the consultant must be an expert in several fields in order to be able to put value on their time. The game is about monetizing knowledge. So when you become a consultant, every time you are learning something new for yourself, you approach it with a view of being so knowledgeable about it that you’ll be able to charge for your time when teaching others, which means creating training courses, writing on the subject, and taking notes initially as you learn about it yourself. This means that the way you view “note taking” has to get to an entirely new level. Now, when you take notes, you are like a recording device, you catch every detail and you’ll research every detail. It has to be so thorough and factual that your notes can be turned into articles, presentations, and/or training courses.

Out of experience, we consider that candidates:

  • Don’t know how to write an article, with the aim of being publicly published on a website.
  • Don’t know how to work in teams in the context of an international organization.
  • Have little knowledge about mass surveillance and financial regulation.
  • Don’t have the mindset to be a consultant; usually they’ve been raised to be obedient employees.

10.1- Skillset.

A mentor is guiding candidates into learning to leverage on everything (s)he’s learning by taking detailed notes with the view of updating an article, creating one, preparing a presentation, etc. The more articles we publish on our website, the more credible the organization, and the easier to get new clients. We can’t claim to be experts and ask them to pay us for our work if the look and feel of our website isn’t consistent with our claims. This is true for any consulting agency.

It’s about leveraging on its skills and knowledge as a consultant to broaden the offering as well as becoming independent, essentially moving from a student/employee mindset toward an independent consultant mindset. Candidate is acquiring new business methods, self-discipline, and new ways of thinking.

10.2- Tasks.

In order to guide the candidate into strengthening new habits in terms of securing data and communication, we will point out the most relevant articles already published on our website. It is important that candidates know about the content of these articles because later, as fully onboarded nodes, they will themselves point out these articles to their clients, so as to save time when supervising/training their own clients.

To be sure they master these new topics, we ask them to prepare updates on a few of these articles.

We also ask candidates to read and draft articles on topics related to mass surveillance, finance, economy, blockchain, etc. These drafts will be used at later stages, to be their very own articles from scratch.

09.2- Updating.

Keywords: Belonging & Duty.

With Ubinodes being decentralized and distributed, decisions are made through consensus, and internal manuals are written and updates by everyone. As explained in the whitepaper, the growth of the organization benefits every node equally. Being a consultant at Ubinodes means sharing a vision of what a modern organization should be.

We consider that candidates have always been “programmed” to be in competition with one another. But at Ubinodes we work as a team, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So we have to program new nodes into actively using the other nodes to achieve better results than if working alone. 

11.1- Skillset.

A mentor is guiding candidates into strengthening their newly acquired skills and how to work in teams efficiently within the organization.

They are also gaining a sense of belonging by working on the front-end of Ubinodes, with their work being public and with access to Ubinodes’ websites.

11.2- Tasks.

Ubinodes already has articles published on its website(s), and we need to make sure candidates have read these articles thoroughly as they contain the knowledge they will not only use on a daily basis but also teach clients in order to improve their standards of security.

Candidates are tasked with updating these articles. The more updates they can come up with, the more it shows they’ve researched the subject and are able to be productive. By asking candidates to update existing articles, we ensure they know the subject well enough they could explain it to others.

Candidates are given access to our website so that they edit existing articles by themselves to update them using their notes.

In the process they also start learning about CMS (Content Management Software).

09.3- Researching.

Keywords: Methodology & Creativity.

We consider that candidates have always taken notes just for themselves so far, and read articles created by others. Now it’s time to get to the other side, the side of those who actually produce these materials (and monetize them).

In the value chain, the more complex the project, the more income for the organization. So Ubinodes is aiming at full scale import/export projects, managed from A to Z. We don’t want to be an “upwork like” organization providing freelance gigs.

12.1- Skillset.

A mentor is guiding candidates to express their own creativity in many ways, how to find ideas for new articles, access sources, how to analyse and present them, etc.

Creativity in an important feature of Ubinodes’ as it allows the organization to constantly adapt to its environment and to constantly aim toward optimal efficiency.

They also become autonomous and self-reliant, in order to start feeling what a consultant’s life looks like. Working from home, researching sources, and turning knowledge into meta-researches that are written for others to use.

Candidates will also start working on more complex projects.

12.2- Tasks.

It’s time for candidates to write their own articles from scratch. Subjects are given to them, as well as guidelines for writing articles. Usually, in preparation for this stage, they were tasked with preparing drafts on subjects that were not about updating articles but about brand new topics, with a view that it would give them some time to have enough material when reaching this stage.

They research on the subjects and start drafting the articles.

They may also be involved in Sponsored Projects.

The articles are accessible by the entire world, it can impact the organization’s credibility and reputation. Stakes are way higher than when working in the closed environment of a school. As a result, before being published, the article is peer-reviewed by other nodes. Candidates learn to always explicitly ask for feedback, comments, suggestions from peers in order to improve their work and their skills. By doing so, candidates let go of the “exam score” mentality and move into the “product delivery” mentality. They welcome any suggestion as an opportunity to improve Ubinodes’ output and to upskill, instead of receiving any input as judgmental. In turn, they’ll learn to do the same for others. Acting as a coach, not judging others’ work but helping them better themselves and better Ubinodes.

09.4- Engaging.

Keywords: Independence & Awareness.

Social media is how Ubinodes finds its clients and candidates. As a decentralized and distributed organization, all nodes are involves in these tasks.

13.1- Skillset.

The mentor is guiding candidates into becoming an ambassador of the organization and engaging the outside world. They now represent our brand to the outside world to raise awareness and engage the clients internationally; startups, SME’s, investors, industries, government, and others.

Candidates have developed a sense of belonging from working inside the organization, but this sense has to be extended outside of the organization.

13.2- Tasks.

Following internal manuals, candidates create free social media accounts on several platforms.

Candidates can now interact directly with prospective clients and prospective candidates. Even if they don’t have all the answers, they start experiencing what it’s going to be like to be in direct contact with people as a representative of an organization. They start adapting their communication and behavior to these situations. These skills are fundamental for freelance consultants. People who are not able/willing to do that should seek a position as an employee.

For now, if they find candidates and prospective clients, after having qualified them, they pass them on to senior nodes.

09.5- Publishing.

Keywords: Credibility & Expertise.

Firstly: Ubinodes is about marketing, but marketing is about business, business is about money, money is about financial transactions. In today’s context of mass surveillance, generalized corruption at state levels and weaponizing of foreign currency, it is not possible to even think about doing international marketing before mastering IT security. Therefore nodes are expected to actually teach clients about IT security, as part of any business project. And they’ll also be expected to give presentations, teach or write articles about finance, economy, marketing etc. the fact that nodes are actually teaching others sets the bar higher in terms of the prior expertise they must gain through the internship program.

Secondly: A consultant’s role is to provide reports (or marketing plans, or researches) that are to be used by clients to make decisions. Therefore, the work can’t be biased. Candidates have to learn how to build a “sterile” environment, where their work and decisions aren’t influenced by outside forces. Researching in a professional way is the first step of any consultant’s job.

When people read your articles, you are taking their time, time they could spend in other ways, so whatever you do has to be worth it. This is developing commitment, attention to detail, an understanding of the principle of customer satisfaction. What the consultant is publishing on Ubinodes’ website is also going to affect the organization’s credibility.

Candidates have been upskilled toward Ubinodes’ working standards in terms of IT proficiency, attention to detail, international team-working ability, commitment, creativity, autonomy, and self-reliance. Candidates are now conscious of how mass surveillance works, how it is a danger to doing international business, and how to mitigate this risk.

Candidates have acquired the skills to work in teams with nodes on simple projects. They can be trusted to secure data and communication. They have proven their ability to complete projects that require expertise but can be completed alone, or with the help of the mentor or other nodes. They can join teams to contribute on paid projects.

14.1- Skillset.

The mentor is guiding candidates into taking ownership and responsibility for their work while touching upon a cost-effectiveness mentality, where time and money goes into the equation.

The mentor is also guiding candidates into understanding the level to reach to be considered worthy of being read by others.

This is how we are credible in the space.

It’s about getting rid of the student mentality, based upon thought reading (deciphering what teachers might expect); the outward→inward mindset due to social acceptance needs. The mentor is grooming candidates into a more results oriented mentality, in which the consultant doesn’t care about what others are thinking, but works upon cost-effectiveness, risk-reward balance, accuracy, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Ubinodes is about international marketing. So it’s time to do some tasks that are preparing for creating what the actual product of Ubinodes is: To create access to market. And it always has to start with a marketing plan. It’s time for doing marketing research and other business articles. This is our market positioning.

At this stage, the mentor is guiding candidates into becoming an independent node as this work being about their own country/state, they are the “experts” within the organization and will be the ones facing clients and supervising the marketing plan.

At this stage, the mentor is guiding candidates into more complex projects. They will learn from others as they are part of a team, but under the supervision of a lead node. This lead node is not necessarily the mentor. The mentor’s task is to focus on the internship process.

14.2- Tasks.

Candidates will do a comprehensive market study, usually on their country or state. This article is published on Ubinodes’ website and shared on social media. The aim is to give them an opportunity to put to use as much of the theoretical knowledge they have as possible. There is no limit on the depth of marketing study, it can encompass economy, politics, finance, regulation, history, etc. Candidates learn to write in a manner that is appealing to prospective customers. They have to “sell” their target market as well as provide factual, truthful, detailed, relevant information for a manufacturer considering exporting.

After a peer-review of their work, and adjusting their work through an iterative process, candidates publish on Ubinodes’ website their articles. They are shared on social media. Candidates can share their article with their friends and relatives.

Candidates will be joining a Sponsored Project and collaborate with other contributors until completion of the project. They will be assigned specific tasks by the lead node and will have to coordinate with all other participants.

14.3- Rite of passage.

The candidates are required to publish a short marketing plan for their country/state. This is the “rite of passage” or “Hello World” moment. Not only is it their own article, but its about their own market, it is what they will be “selling” to clients.

14.4- Agreement.

Usually after they have published their article about their country/state, candidates can enter into a formal agreement with Ubinodes to become official nodes. This allows them to sign contracts with clients on behalf of the organization. In the case of students doing an internship this is not mandatory to continue the program.

09.6- Coaching.

Keywords: Responsibility & Confidence.

Consultants are often working alone, facing a client usually not alone. So consultants have to be self-confident in order to be credible and gain business deals. The aim is to give them self-confidence, and allow them to become influencers, instead of being under the influence of outside forces.

We consider that they master them once they are able to teach others about them. They also need to master topics such as mass surveillance and financial regulation. These are fundamental knowledge that needs to be acquired prior to moving into supervising and project managing anything.

15.1- Skillset.

At this stage, the mentor is guiding candidates into being active players in the organization. All nodes are equally responsible for maintaining the organization, writing manuals, seeking clients, recruiting candidates, and grooming them.

15.2- Tasks.

Candidates are involved in coaching new candidates into their first tasks. They’ll have to teach others what they have just learned themselves. This will give meaning to their leveraging skills.

09.7- Expanding.

Keywords: Websiting & Presenting.

Firstly: It is time for candidates to start teaching to others all their new knowledge since they have become experts in their fields.

Secondly: Candidates have been upskilled and have done almost all of the common tasks pertaining to Ubinodes’ organization. They know Ubinodes well enough to be able to answer most questions about the organization.

Candidates have shown their ability to manage projects in a supervising role such as a Sponsored Project, as well as advertise for it. These are technical projects, involving coaching an international team. Mastering technology is fundamental to nodes as it is deemed impossible to conduct international business under the current mass surveillance dictatorship. Now that candidates have proven their ability to defeat the most evil form of threat, international business can begin.

16.1- Skillset.

The mentor is guiding the candidate into setting up and managing their own website for his/her country/state.

They may have to create website(s) for their clients, in order to give them a local presence prior to exporting their goods

Candidates will also do presentations to clients about various subjects. The clients have to be convinced nodes are experts. As candidates are actually teaching, they gain more confidence in themselves.

For Ubinodes as a commercial entity as well as for the candidates as freelance consultants, the aim is to get a steady income stream. We do that by offering a range of consulting services, but we have to advertise for these.

Ubinodes being decentralized and distributed, the “client seeking” role is distributed among all nodes.

At this stage, the mentor is guiding candidates into understanding that they are fully responsible for bringing in contracts for the organization, on par with all other nodes.

Candidates have successfully published an article about their country/state in order to make it attractive to manufacturers wishing to export. But this article was a generic article and not an actual offer. And it wasn’t meant to be paid for nor does it actively seek clients. It was meant to advertise Ubinodes’ countries where we offer our services.

Now it’s time to actively seek clients (manufacturers) and get them to pay Ubinodes to do a comprehensive marketing plan to export from their country (sending country), into the candidates home country (destination country).

The “sending” country will depend upon other nodes’ availability to be part of the project.

16.2- Tasks.

A website is created from scratch.

Candidates contact clients and offer to do a free presentation on a specific subject.

Candidates will design a marketing campaign, using social media or emailing, to advertise for a Sponsored Project. They will be part of this sponsored project, so they shall know enough about it to be able to design such a campaign.

They are able sign contracts on behalf of the organization.

Candidates are designing from the ground up a marketing campaign to target manufacturers and offer them to export their products and handle from A to Z all necessary services to achieve optimal results for their own success.

09.8- Supervising.

Keywords: Leadership & Maturity.

Candidates are now working in Ubinodes for some time, they are part of the organization, they can handle most common tasks by themselves and in collaboration with other nodes. The whitepaper defines some principles such as Ad-Hoc teams and Pruning. These concepts have to be put into action by the candidates.

17.1- Skillset.

The mentor is guiding candidates into leveraging all knowledge and experience they’ve had along the previous stages of the internship to develop leadership. They have had an opportunity to learn from others, now is their turn to supervise.

17.2- Tasks.

Now they are going to supervise Sponsored Project. Usually, in preparation for this stage, since the beginning they were tasked with drafting a review article on a Sponsored Project. They have to run a marketing campaign, form a team, and supervise the entire project until completion.

10. Apply.

We’ve told you what we offer, you’ll take what you learn and what you earn and you’ll give what you can with your expertise and experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. If after your initial questions you decide to move forward with the recruitment process, one of our team members will have a VoIP chat with you and guide you through the onboarding process.

You will not be compensated for the onboarding process, the faster you get onboarded, the faster you will start making income with Ubinodes.

We don’t require your curriculum vitae nor do we conduct multiple interviews and tests to determine if you are suitable for our organization. We take the burden off the candidate, this makes our recruiting process much more effective.

To apply, you are required to go through the pre-requisites below to familiarize yourself with our organization. If after reading it you find this position suitable, we hope you will apply.

10.1 Self-assessment.

10.1.1 IQ Test.

Before contacting us please do an online free IQ test.

If you score less than 120, do not contact us as you won’t be able to complete the onboarding process on time.

10.2 Books.

To understand our threat model, you must read the following books.

  • Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. Translated in several languages.
  • Le piège Américain by Frédéric Pierucci. Available only in French for now.

10.3 Articles.

The reason for these articles is because our candidates come from all walks of life and at Ubinodes we put great emphasis into security and privacy. We must secure our communications against all types of threats and we must protect our data. We do international business, our clients trust us with confidential information. So our candidates have to internalize this culture, it has to become second nature to think about security and privacy before touching a phone or a computer.

  • Sponsored Projects: As it explains one of the source of revenue for Nodes and how we keep up with the latest technologies. Marketing is the tip of the iceberg, fundamentally we work a lot around technology, neuro-science, social-science, economy, finance. Link:

10.4 Contact us.

Contact using Session and a senior node will get in touch with you and guide you through the recruitment process. From there, we will set up a video meeting using Jitsi and discuss the process.

10.4.1 Introduction.

To help us welcome you as best as we can, please let us know:

  • For which country do you intend to be a lead Node?
  • What is your citizenship?
  • What is your mother tongue?
  • Which other languages/dialects do you master at a business level?
  • Do you already have ideas of products/services you’d like to export/import?

10.4.2 Questionnaire.

During the interview, you’ll be asked a series of general knowledge questions to assess your culture in the fields you’d be dealing with at Ubinodes such as security and privacy, finance, economy, blockchain, cryptocurrency, marketing etc. This is to make sure you have already an interest in these fields.

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