About: Join us as consultant.

At Ubinodes, we manufacture success, our product is creating access to market. Through our decentralized network of consultants, we help manufacturers enter new markets around the world.

What do you really care about? Is it job satisfaction, or contributing your share meaningfully to humanity? Working in a stimulating and flexible environment? Ubinodes is the home of consultants who use technology and technical expertise to provide manufacturers with services and solutions for achieving growth-focused goals. For us to fully satisfy and provide all the services required by our clients, WE NEED YOU!

We provide services to clients in a wide array of fields like finance, economics, politics, consulting, freight forwarding, customs clearance, regulations, technology, packaging, advertising, storage, identifying points of sale, finding agents etc. We render these services, and more, to our clients worldwide. Yes, you heard right, worldwide. This means that we need Nodes (as our independent consultants are called) in each continent and in each country. We need you to be the first node to attend to clients in your region/country.

1. Core values of Ubinodes.

In our organization, we believe the success of any business lies in the strength of its personnel and the values they believe in. Here are the core values of Ubinodes:

1.1 Teamwork.

Each person at Ubinodes contributes their individual strength to building a strong and unified system. Crucial to making individuals thrive is having a supportive team that is never afraid to provide or accept help when needed. We stand strong through mutual respect, hard work, and dedication. Our commitment to our consultants and partners will be imbued in every aspect of our work, building trust and confidence. At Ubinodes, we work together to accomplish great things and we are driven to provide the best service to our clients.

1.2 Customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of our major priorities at Ubinodes. This is key to our organizational growth since our aim is to satisfy our clients by meeting their every expectation and industry standards. It is important to make our business exciting not just for our consultants, but for our customers too.
We need to build a community that believes in our values as much as we do. The confidence we exude while performing our business will rub off on our customers and make them believe in us. In situations where a dispute arises, we objectively analyze the situation from all aspects and come to a mutually beneficial agreement, reflected in our systemic approach to risk management and payments.

1.3 Commitment.

When we say we are going to deliver on a promise, we deliver. We do not work halfway, we are consistent throughout the entire process as we make every project a priority. At Ubinodes, it’s all about character, integrity, and work ethic.

1.4 Creativity.

If we are too regimented in following tight protocols to get things done, we will never allow our nodes (consultants) to flourish and show off their true potential. By giving our nodes creative freedom we believe they respond with innovation. We embrace creativity and diversity.

1.5 Our competition.

Trying to compare ourselves to the competition will only distract us from our goals. The best place for us to receive feedback is from our own customers, potential customers, and nodes. Listening to our community and comparing their expectations to our services is what will help us succeed.

1.6 Believe.

We have the utmost confidence in our nodes, system, and organization. Everything is possible and achievable if we can believe in ourselves. Some paths are more challenging than others, but recognizing that tackling new challenges will lead to a road of self-discovery is vital to success.

2. What’s your role ?

To provide consultancy services to manufacturers in your region, grow our community and support the adoption of our token for the transaction of goods and services in your country. You will be working with a team of other nodes either assembled by you or with the help of a senior node from the community to provide whatever services that may be required by the client.

3. What skills do you need ?

First and foremost, you need to understand, speak and write your country of residence language(s) for easy communication with clients and English to communicate with other nodes internationally in the community and clients worldwide. Knowledge of how to use IT tools is also required as these are used in the day-to-day activities of our organization. Lastly, you will need your business expertise to generate partnerships and opportunities with organizations and to create awareness of our brand worldwide.

4. Why should you apply ?

If you wish to work in a fast-paced IT environment where you will have a supportive team and significant responsibility to work with local and international clients on their path to success — we want to hear from you! People of all genders, race, color, people with disabilities, or any under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. If you feel you have some of these attributes but not all, you’re welcome to apply.

5. Your impact.

Lead commercial community development —  you will be responsible for onboarding new consultants, creating partnerships, and managing the portfolio of clients. All both locally and internationally.

Grow and curate the local Ubinodes member community —  grow our member community; generate leads, test software, write articles on IT tools and other things beneficial to the community, manage applications and make sure potential members are a good fit for our community.

Engage the outside world —  represent our brand to the outside world to raise awareness and engage the clients internationally; startups, SME’s, investors, industries, government, and others.

Evaluate and manage partnerships — identify and engage the appropriate partners to generate maximum value for our members and community.

Tell our story —  if you have the skills, you’ll work selling our brand and adoption of our token; coordinate local social media marketing and campaigns, press relations, blogging, managing social media platforms etc.

6. Benefits.

  • Key role in building a worldwide decentralized business consultancy network.
  • You will be a part of an established global brand with a mission to support international business consultancy.
  • Amazing and supportive nodes (coworkers) locally and internationally.
  • Learning new skills and IT tools that would be useful for you in your day-to-day life.
  • Excellent network, learning, and growth opportunities.

7. What services do we offer ?

Broadly speaking, in a country, 80% of exports are done by 3% of the companies. Only the largest companies reap the benefits of exporting (Boeing, Airbus, Total, BP, car manufacturers, etc) while countless other companies compete locally and struggle to reach new markets. Our target is the 97% of manufacturers not exporting. We recognize and address the wide range of barriers to exporting that manufacturers face such as not having a high proficiency in English, lacking international marketing skills, being uninterested in marketing and needing to focus on design and production, being unable to finance international staff or market research, not having overseas contacts, networks, or leads, and much more.

Before manufacturers enter a market they must assess its potential. We take that burden off of manufacturers by offering:

  • Detailed and in-depth analysis of markets in every country where we have nodes.
  • Design for websites, social media, digital print advertisements, and other communications media.
  • Partnership and contract acquisition.
  • A drive to provide anything required to make a project successful.

Acting independently, manufacturers must manage points of sales, take orders handle international payments from unknown or untrusted parties, transport goods, and handle freight forwarding and customs clearance. Often, manufacturers must also arrange for storage at the receiving end.

8. How does it work ?

  • We are structured as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Governance and data are distributed using the best IT tools. Consultants use secure and encrypted communication channels to start, manage and complete projects.
  • Consultants are NOT commission based, they get paid for their time, no matter the outcome for the manufacturer.

Example: a manufacturer [MA] of furniture based in Canada wants to expand its market. A Ubinodes consultant, closest to them, probably from Canada, will get in touch and help the manufacturer to put together a basic marketing plan, the cornerstone when beginning to export. Based on the manufacturer’s feedback and further research, the consultant will develop the basic marketing plan into a full in-depth marketing plan. As importing markets are identified, nodes operating there will likely contribute to the revised marketing plan as well. By receiving input from nodes who better know the market in the recipient country, the project as a whole benefits. From this stage, two nodes or more may become involved as sub-nodes on the project.

During the process of market research, which can include some product sampling, the manufacturer works directly with each node involved. In the agreements, there is a schedule for each node, so that manufacturers do not have to enter into a full agreement with each node after the initial full agreement is signed. When a node becomes involved, only their individual schedule and fee must be agreed upon.

When it’s time to start exporting goods into a target market, a local Receiving Consultant [RC] will handle the services from their side.

A Receiving Consultant [RC] will handle all services required by the Manufacturer [MA]. However, in this capacity, they will not act as an agent nor take money on behalf of the Manufacturer [MA], so as to abide by relevant regulation. Buyers of the goods in the destination country could be stores, resellers or private consumers.

In any case, transactions will occur directly between the final buyer and the manufacturer [MA]. We provide our own fiduciary services to protect any financial transactions.

9. Income.

Each node decides on an hourly fee for each project or client. This is set in a schedule of the agreement, one per manufacturer, which can be updated at any time. So your income is directly related to the projects you work on. You can be paid in fiat currency or with our own cryptocurrency, which offers a wide range of advantages: micropayments, instant transactions, escrow accounts, store of value, no bank fees, anonymity etc. You can guide the manufacturer on how to adopt our cryptocurrency as part of the consulting work you provide.

As a node, you may also contribute to Beneficial Projects and Digital Curation as additional income sources. The concept is thoroughly explained in the whitepaper.

10. What’s in it for you ?

We’ve told you what we offer, you’ll take what you learn and what you earn and you’ll give what you can with your expertise and experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. If after your initial questions you decide to go move forward with the recruitment process, one of our team members will have a VoIP chat with you and guide you through the onboarding process.

11. To apply.

To apply, you are required to read our whitepaper, and familiarize yourself with our organization. If after reading it you find this position suitable, we hope you will apply.

You will also be required to create an introductory marketing plan (2–3 pages) about your country of residence’s export and import sector. We have several examples available for your reference on our blog. This onboarding process may take up to 2 weeks maximum depending on how fast you can complete the marketing plan. Also, note that you will not be compensated for the onboarding process, the faster you get onboarded, the faster you will start making income with Ubinodes.

We don’t require your curriculum vitae nor do we conduct multiple interviews and tests to determine if you are suitable for our organization. We take the burden off the candidate, this makes our recruiting process much more effective.

Contact us and a senior node will get in touch with you and guide you through the recruitment process.

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