About Us.

Everything you have always wanted to know about us but were afraid of asking. You’re a manufacturer interested in exporting, there’s an article. You’re a freelancer or a student interested in joining the organisation, there’s an article. You want to know where we come from and where we are now, there’s an article. You want to understand how we used blockchain technologies to stay on top of the game, there are articles.

Join us as consultant.

At Ubinodes, we manufacture success, our product is creating access to market. Through our decentralized network of consultants, we help manufacturers enter new markets around the world.

Our story.

In 2007, we started as an aviation importing company in New Zealand called Love4Aviation. With more than a century worth of experience and a deep-rooted love for aviation, we were able to create a brand based on exceptional service. Love4Aviation birthed Ubinodes.

UBI as a Store of value.

This article explains why the Ubinodes token is one of the best store of value available today. Money and currency are two different things. They are differentiated by their functions and features.

UBI Currency.

Ubinodes Token is the token used for transactions in our organization. It is used as a medium of exchange, a store of value and can be used for payments of goods and services on the Ubinodes platform.

UBI token in South Africa.

Wondering how easy it is to use our Ubinodes token in South Africa as a manufacturer? In this article, we will walk you through all you need to know from how, where and all about the benefits of using our token.

Waves Exchange.

Waves Platform is an open-source Blockchain platform, which allows its users to create their own cryptocurrencies and build applications. Built for investors and traders, Wavesplatform is a decentralized token platform.


Updated 16 March 2021. Table of contents. 1- Introduction. 2- Definitions of terms. 3- Industry market overview. 4- Problems. 5- … More